Mix Designs


It’s all about the mix!

The revolutionary mix of volcanic ash, lime, and seawater changed civilization forever during the Roman empire.  The science of concrete has evolved, so that a mixture can be designed of various aggregates of various hardness and size, properly heated and proportioned  water and cement powder, and a buffet of additives - resulting in many different lasting surfaces with different, colors, surfaces, and properties.  At M & K - our aggregates, powders and additives are stored in a temperature-controlled environment.  They are distributed in computer-controlled and consistent proportions according to the prescribed mix design and added to each truck in meticulous order.  Each truck mix is issued a specific report indicating all the specific variables of the mix, allowing us to consistently improve our mixes and test our results.  

 On a daily basis, we perform tests on sample cores for mix performance..  This allows us to maintain and adjust variables of the mix design to suit the environment, tune for variations of the individual ingredients, and maintain the PSI and quality values required by the mix designs.

 We do this every day. All day.

 In fact, M & K has been doing this for nearly 50 years now. If you are looking for concrete in Vernon, or more specifically, to pour a foundation, get a pool, driveway, or landscape details, not only do we know all the  local  masters of the trade, we supply them with the best possible mix we can for the project.  Reach out to us and we will connect you!

Some of our most popular mix designs:



Exposed aggregate - M & K sources and utilizes specific size and composition of aggregates with unique colors to provide a beautiful exposed concrete product.  Concrete finishers place this mix design and apply a surface retardant that slows the curing on the surface. Within several hours, the finishers are able to wash the surface with a high-pressure hose or pressure washer, removing the top layer of concrete and exposing the aggregate beneath.  The result is a beautiful display of the aggregates used in the mix and a durable and non-slip surface used on many driveways, pools, and stair projects.

 Stamped - M & K creates a mix design that allows finishers to use hard rubber forms to imprint a surface design onto the surface before it hardens fully.  Specific colors and additives can be used to achieve great results. If you are looking for stamped concrete in Vernon, you are on the right track. Reach out to us, we can connect you to some of the local artisans that we work with regularly!

Polished/stained - Polished concrete slabs are becoming more and more sought after.  Aggregates and additives can be utilized to achieve a variety of desired polished appearances.  White - yes, white concrete is a thing. It requires specific (and often far more expensive) ingredients, but the results are stunning and can last forever - literally.



The building code specifies parameters for MPA for footings, foundations and slabs for residential construction.  We make recommendations for additives that improve the product and mix for specific applications.  For example, we recommend higher MPA concrete for slabs with hydronic heat, additives for ICF Forms to increase consolidation, and many other factors that we have found improve the final product appearance and performance.  Many projects like commercial tilt-up buildings, structural slabs, and even larger residential projects, involve specific engineered mix designs which we welcome. Our experience and process allows us to reach and exceed testing requirements for engineered mixes on a consistent basis. 



Some projects require specific additives and mixes that allow the concrete to resist certain chemicals or require more reinforcement properties.  Other projects that have steep slopes, or high temperature environments that require specific mixes that allow it to be placed and finished in a specific environment, and allow for proper curing and long-term performance.  We also design concrete mixes with an integrated reinforcement called helix - drastically reducing the rebar requirements and allowing for superior strength in pours that are difficult-to-reinforce or consolidate.  We are constantly working on new and improved designs that we are able to test and prescribe for your specific needs.  If you are looking to put in a pool in vernon, or have a challenging project you need some help on, chances are, in the past half-century of pouring concrete in Vernon & area, we’ve already done something like it!