Crane Service


We provide a crane service in Vernon & area.  What’s different about our cranes?  

  • We have 3 different sizes of cranes, all mounted on the rear of the units, with about 20' flat deck available.. 
    • Unit 24- 600 Hiab, 75' reach, 1000kg at full reach
    • Unit 22- 400 Hiab, 65' reach, 1000kg at full reach.
    • Unit #23, Paulfinger, short reach, 1000kg max.
  • This means we can usually meet your schedule needs.  It also allows us to navigate many different site access challenges and provide the reach necessary to help with your metal beam installation, truss lift, building material delivery, or just about anything else! 
  • Our cranes have precision control.
  • Most traditional cranes require far more height and footprint to setup to complete a lift. Also, many traditional cranes are operated from the cab of the crane.  This makes communication cumbersome and increases the time it takes to complete the job.  Our cranes are operated remotely - allowing the operator to move to a vantage point where obstructions and landing site details can be in line of site.  Also, our cranes are equipped with articulating heads, allowing the operator to maneuver the load precisely.
  • Pricing:
    • Tridem - $250/hour.
    • Single - $185/hour
    • Minimum trip rate may apply
  Contact us to schedule or discuss your crane needs!