Concrete Additives


New additives can make an enormous difference for cost, performance and appearance of your project. You should consult with your engineer and the building code before making any changes to the mix design of your pour,


-FIBERMESH - Fiber Mesh provides plastic shrinkage control and reduced settlement cracking. It provides secondary strength when used along with rebar.


-Exposed Aggregates:

Our exposed aggregate is made with round 3/8” rock that has many shades and vivid natural colors. These mixes are typically used for pool decks, sidewalks, patios, driveways and front entrances.


S.C.C. (self consolidating concrete) mixes:

This mix is typically used in a vertical application. It is used where a vibrator cannot consolidate the concrete. This is a highly flowable high strength concrete mix which will exceed all C.S.A. specification.


Leed Mixes: ( Leed = Green Building )

These mixes are typically used on institutional buildings or commercial buildings which are following the Leed building practices code.


Delvo: Delvo Stabilizer is not a retarder but rather a hydration delay admixture.

This product is used to control the chemical reaction between water and cement. It is used primarily during the summer months and when the concrete is in transit for a long period of time. Dosages vary from mix to mix, and by temperature.           

High Early (Pozzolith NC534): High Early is a liquid additive that is used to accelerate the setting process and bring early strength to concrete. In most applications this product will be used primarily in cold weather pouring.

Silica Fume: Silica Fume makes concrete extremely strong and more weather resistance. It can be added to some outside mixes.



Colored Concrete: We use the powder form of Davis Color. These mixes are typically used for raised decks, patios, sidewalks, borders, and driveways. Contact our office for color charts and pricing.


Release: M&K also carries release powder for stamp jobs. Some colors may need to be ordered so contact the office for availability and pricing.


Brick Form - Gem Seal 400:

For concrete 30 days or older.


Brick Form - Cure and Seal:

For new concrete to 30 days old.